CIB Wealth Vertical Design Concept

Banking, Branding
About This Project

*** This is an unofficial design concept

We are millennials inside out, for us, it was super tough to get along with the banking system in Egypt, super complicated with too much sophistication, especially when it comes to the top segment of each bank, the amount of complexity added to each design of the bank products made every one of us doubt their eligibility for such products. And we all just kept it inside till our creative team was having a discussion about banks and we all just vented out, and so, we decided to do something about it.
As our majority are loyal @cibegypt Wealth clients, we decided to start from there.
and here are the issues we encountered in our design.

1- Is it swipe or dip?
Whenever we use our cards, do we swipe them, or dip them in the machine or POS?

2- Do we really need magnetic strips? Is it ever in use?
Did anyone ever ask to swipe the card and got the magnetic strip details?

3- NFC is enabled, but why no one ever asked to use a contactless transaction?
NFC is available in almost every card, but no one is really encouraged to use it.

4- Internet Transactions VS Cash
Every time we use an ATM, we get a message (save time and purchase with your card directly), and every time we get to one of our favorite brands, we get (why don’t you purchase this online and get a discount?) So, we decided to re-shape how the card number is written so it would be easier to read for the human eye and thus, easier to use online.

Us solving the 4 issues above, we decided to re-design the @mastercard Platinum Debit and shape it like this, introducing the vertical cards to the Egyptian market.